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status 2.19.23

more cleanup and reorganization.... attempting to set up an rss feed for my blog at /feed.xml. moving files around in preparation for more artposts.

status 2.16.24

extensive de-cluttering of the sidebars! i fixed a nav code issue (which had sort of 'fixed itself' in a roundabout way up until now). a few stray articles have found a new home in my journalblog or in other parts of the site. my art category has migrated to its own page to de-clutter.

will it stay that way? time will tell. dogtt

status 2.14.24

i'm finally back from my birthdaycation! i got myself in gear and, in addition to a few accessibility tweaks here and there, i've overhauled my journalblog at long long last. dogsmile and look, i got dogthing emotes!

next update, i'll try to add some of my more recent artwork... in the meantime, i've been actively posting on sheezyart, since it's back up again - hopefully for a longer while!dognod

and our second anniversary is coming up! i'd like to get something done to celebrate. so stay tuned...

PS!!! we have a new affiliate (drakonic) linked in the sidebar. go check it out!

status 12.17.23

it's been a hot minute.... ive been very busy and very tired in combination! we have a new site theme (summer) with new fun graphics, new favicon, etc... i also put up my 3d art page and relocated a few things in the left nav. lots of other misc maintenance (including putting blog in construction mode).

i think that's more or less the gist of it. happy hearth's warming!

status 11.1.23

after a month, i am finally finished! dogthingtober is finished! there is a full gallery of images and a text-based list for mobile browsers or people with slower connections. the list also has extra variants of some of the images on display.

additionally i've added a guide to pkmn pinball that ive had brewing for a bit.

i may consider adding some free icons from dogthingtober at some point, but ive been really tired lately as usual.

status 9.30.23

added pagination to my gallery and moved individual page navigation to the top. lots of artwork added too.

i am phasing out the pkmn theme, and it's now unpickable from the styleswitcher. i'll revamp it later...

modest edits to the how to play furrymuck section. mostly to correct some information.

two new pages created, also: my hrt experience and things my mom taught me about the internet.

lastly, i edited the little nav bar you see above the content so there's a lil gif of swifty and altias. see ya next time!

status 9.25.23

improvements to how to play furrymuck section andddddd not much else! enjoy. lol

status 9.22.23

lots and lots of edits to some of the how to play furrymuck pages (for clarity) and new icons added to the free icons page, as well as some more art :+3

status 9.21.23

no one asked for it, but i made a guide (for my friends and i, mostly) on how to play furrymuck, an old text-based chat server for furries. i figure i'd link it in the side nav because finding all the answers to my niche questions was hard! and i wanted to compile it.

i will probably tinker with it on and off over the next week or so. the room guide itself is actually a few years old, give or take a bit of editing.

status 9.19.23

miscellaneous cleanup of ui, and i separated the pokemon stuff into its own category. there's a new trivia page and a new music review.

i definitely forgot how much i like pokemon.

status 9.17.23

i've added a guide to pokemon hgss voltorb flipping, which ive wanted to do for a while. i also edited my art post format to allow for art titles to fit in the browser tab text.

i'm going to attempt to host my comic on neocities at some point, though currently it's only on comicfury for now. keep your eyes out - and read the newer strips, i uploaded a couple!

status 9.16.23

new affiliate graphic, some formatting changes to sidebar labels, and changes to the fortune machine!

status 9.14.23

BIIIG update!!!! in addition to reformatting the left navigation to look nicer, we have an eeveelution personality quiz, new free icons, an unconventional pokewalker methods page, and a fortune machine! ahhhh so much new stuff!!!!!

in addition to nicer-looking navigation, we also now have a top bar that shows a mini "directory" of sorts to show category organization, and page titles are a little more descriptive. i hope you like it!

status 9.11.23

we have a new section for pokemon reviews and a new affiliate, pamtre berry! additionally ive made and added a couple stamps on my about us page.

i've also tinkered with font appearance on hovered links, so hopefully that looks decent - and visible! - now.

status 9.7.23

misc maintenance, a new webring, and new mood icons for me to use on the backend :-) i also released a few of them for free use on my free icons page!

status 9.6.23

couple bugfixes and new art uploaded, and i removed the joppa theme since it's OLD! not sure what people want to see next.... so feel free to LEEAAAVE AAAAA COMMEEEEEENT!!!!!!

status 8.24.23

the links page has a couple fixes and adds, and ive cleaned up my toybox - ill be retaking my quiz later, lol. other little things tinkered with but nothing huge.

status 8.23.23

my journal has pagination between entries now, the art archives have another page of pics, and i added a new theme, 'sun tea', selectable in the styleswitcher, that is also the new default!

additionally ive discontinued using twitter, and have accordingly removed the icon to it in my sidebar ->. this is what we in the business call 'a healthy relationship with social media'. hahaha!

status 8.18.23

new art in the gallery, as well as some minor formatting fixes both in gallery descriptions and in the shoutbox section of the main page. every art piece *should* have alt text now, but please let me know if you see that ive missed one!

status 8.7.23

holy smokes! a huge update to the art gallery - you can now page through from drawing to drawing, and a lot of the images now have proper alt text. (i'll be adding more as i go because it's a LOT of images to add text to, oops.)

this update also features a fix to the shoutbox, as well as a fix to quiz text alignment for easier readability. woohoooooo!

status 8.4.23

reformatted art gallery - again - close to how it was before, minus title text, now with alt/inline title text for screen readers. i'd like to go through and give each piece a detailed description for screen readers sometime as well, but that will take time. also new art posted!

status 7.21.23

we're now affiliated with silvally plushie! we also have two new game reviews as well as a retro website design tutorial. ^_^

there was also a modest update to the about us page which was mostly just a formatting thing.

status 7.19.23

that alternate shoutbox is in now - it's javascript, so please allow js if you wanna take a look!

i've also done minor edits to the layout sizing & 2d art post formatting (just in the gallery). more changes in store...!

status 7.18.23

fixed the timestamp on previous update, AND... new layout, since i missed the gutters on the side. (mobile users are unaffected mostly).

removed a couple old themes and spruced up others with new pixelart for the background sections.

i'll probably tinker with them further in the future, but for now, some cleanups! i am also looking into an alternate shoutbox.

status 7.9.23

compressed some of the artwork in my 2d art gallery to lower their size, so they won't be as 'hq'. i also removed two old themes (seagull & scrapbook) since they're kind of old and i dont want to keep them anymore.

as always, "stuff being thought up", but having trouble actually getting energy for it. sad!

last to note, i remade my mastodon (yay, my sixth or seventh instance attempt!). we'll see how it goessssss!

status 6.30.23

iiiiit's artfight season again, gamers! inspired by the lack of site performance in the early days of the game, i've created a character gallery with their ids and reference images.

you can also just go straight to my artfight profile here. i'm on team werewolf! but no promises on revenges.

some modification done behind the scenes in addition to adding 'my characters' under the 'personal' dropdown.

status 6.26.23

added a few new pieces to my 2d art gallery, and also remade my pixel art gallery again... big wip still.

status 6.22.23

significant updates to my art archives AND my modern 2d art gallery! the former now just directly links to images rather than having separate pages for each. ^_^

status 6.18.23

biggish update! we have a new theme in the styleswitcher ('forest'), and have retired a couple older ones (seagull and scrapbook). i also have started - not finished! - the arduous process of backing up my old deviantart archive. you can see it here!

status 5.26.23

hey so i JUST realized i had a bunch of art i forgot to add when i first launched my new 2d art gallery.... go look at them! there's a new piece AND like four older pieces now. (scroll back to the posts from january.) i also added a new link to the right sidebar that takes you to my cohost page.

status 5.25.23

new submission to my 2d gallery, a new journal post, new affiliate image (via the right bar!). other maintenance done on the news archive and added some new avatars for my update posts!

status 4.20.23

added some new art pieces to the 2d art gallery and a new journal post... hehe. nothing much else from me in this update!

status 5.12.23

mystery health issue is getting better! i managed to fix the error with the username and oc name generators (i forgot to... create the files on neocities instead of locally. sweats.) and now they work again. i also added a modest amount of new name options to both.

other additions: one new journal post, miss penny page revamp, minor image path fixes, and....


status 4.25.23

added some new pieces to my 2d gallery, a new journal post, and some cosmetic changes to the right sidebar (including moving extra site links to their own page).

i'm toying with the idea of a dwarf fortress fort gallery. still thinking about a nice way to format them. but that's on the roadmap now!

status 4.20.23

GUESS WHAT!!! WE'RE STATIC SITE GENERATING NOW!!!!!!!!!! like two or three months later it's DONE. the site should have a better loadtime. some pages are in reconstruction, but most of them are ported almost wholesale.

.... also! the new blog layout is live in a more delightful, easy to read fashion. the newest five entries are listed on the front page, with a separate page for all posts. depending on how intensive it gets, i'll see if i need to figure out pagination for the archive (and potentially, the blog entries themselves) later.

in addition to this conversion, i made sure to fix some of the older styles (there were some broken and deprecated sections from earlier iterations). i'm probably going to make one that increases text size for the page in the event that people have trouble reading the main text.

thanks as always for your support and kind messages! PS you may need to update old bookmarks, as i readjusted some paths. you may also need to hard refresh (ctrl+f5) if you see broken elements.

PSPS coding sucks.

status 3.24.23

ive been mostly too wiped out to do much. however, i did add some new tiling art to the free tile page (it even gets its own page now since it's so long!!). i have some other things i'm working on in the bg that i'm excited to show you all later. take care!

status 3.9.23

no huge update, just wanted to notify that i'm working with a static website tool (slowly) to convert my site to use markdown & static site generation. i think this will be awesome in the long run. but it will take a while. that said.... It's Coming!

status 3.8.23

a multitude of combos added to my tableturf combos page! behind the scenes i also added a few more avatars for me to use in updates.

status 3.6.23

the left navigation has been compressed and streamlined a bit! ALSO, i'm working on a tableturf strategy guide (under the 'splatoon' dropdown, or you can click here). i did take a day or two to code something together so i can display the tableturf maps in a table. i hope it looks fine enough!!!!

further feedback on these pages (+ suggestions for combos to add) are encouraged via my twitter (linked on the right).

status 2.28.23

another piece has been added to the 2d art gallery, and i also started a digital journal using zonelets! i am hoping it'll be easier to keep a journal on my computer rather than on paper, but we'll see, i guess, LOL

status 2.27.23

i pushed another format update to the 2d art gallery & added a new painting! ive been really exhausted lately as usual.

i've been getting back into painting and it's been fun. i'm thinking i might try writing more personal stuff here. maybe! we'll see!

status 2.23.23

i messed w/ the format of my updates by adding... icons! like so...


there are more, and you can see most of them here and in the archive. i started converting some of the older archive entries to the new format, but it's tedious... i want to add more avatars to pick from at some point to vary them a little!

status 2.22.23

HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY!! it's been a whole year since i sat down and started my little website. to celebrate, i've made a new theme available in the styleswitcher - "1st year" - AND a new quiz is available: what's in the box?

i hope you will all stick around for another year!

status 2.21.23

at last, the 2d art gallery is set up!!!!!!!! it was a fairly quick setup, too, which is nice. should perform nicely on mobile and desktop alike.

i am struggling with long covid symptoms & been having energy issues bc of it. hoping i can still premiere the new theme tomorrow & maybe something else...?

ico 2.20.23

getting some things ready... i'm setting up a new theme and my new art gallery, should be done by the anniversary.... is there anything you'd like to see this next year? leave a shout in that box!

the scarvio review is still in the works, and i have other ideas... considering some linearts or other cute things to draw on. maybe progress pages for various art pieces..? we'll see.... it's hard deciding what i want this site's focus to be!

status 2.13.23

oh man!! swifty's hq's anniversary is coming up in a bit over a week. still doing some maintenance. i revamped the format of the front page updates, so there's an icon attached again - yay! it may take a bit for the update to roll out across neocities servers, but ctrl+f5 (hard refresh) may help in some cases.

i have some ideas for more things to add in, and i want to get my gallery working better.... but that will take some effort. please stay tuned!

status 2.6.23

social media graphics (-->) have changed, and the news archive link has a snazzy graphic now, too! i am drafting a scarvio review for later :-)

status 2.1.23

welcome to friends from that cohost post! still on vacation for another week, but i've done some relocating and condensation of some of the left nav for ease of browsing.

ALSO, submenus are now click-to-enable, which is nicer for me because i hated how sensitive the hover is. still making tweaks to the color of submenu toggle buttons in various themes, but it works in the default one, and THAT'S what matters!! love yall!

status 1.17.23

first update of the new year! nothing particularly significant, but i will be on vacation at my girlfriend's house til february.

status 12.26.22

happy hearth's warming and winter solstice etc. another section of my gen 1 level guide is released. i'm really blazing through it. and having a lot of fun with it! i am entertaining the idea of a full-on journal on this site but we'll see...

ADDENDUM: there is also a new site theme - 'pkmn' - selectable in the style switcher now!

status 12.23.22

happy holidays gamers! my gen 1 level guide is updated again up to pre-erika. i decided the drawings took too long to make so i just put in my favorite screenshots from any given part of the game. thanks!

status 12.14.22

slowly chipping away at my gen 1 level guide as i kick through pokemon red. i'd like to add illustrations to each section, but we'll see if i can keep up the steam...

status 12.11.22

i got the rona at thanksgiving. slowly recovering and getting energy back. i have started making some pkmn content after finally pushing myself to doing it!! hoping to get started on a series of nuzlockes (one for each gen, ideally) so i can keep a 'hall of fame' like my friend skye does. OH ALSO! i added some metadata for whenever links to my site are posted in like discord etc. PEACE!!

status 11.22.22

added some pixel art. i would like to add in a nice gallery for 3d/2d later instead of using iframes.

status 11.19.22

i been doin other stuff. LOL. anyways um who dug that hole. it's scary. go check it out for me please thanks

status 10.22.22

still struggling against headaches. but i went and edited the cbox colors to match the default style.

status 10.19.22

i am experiencing some health issues - persistent headaches and toothaches. please bear with the radio silence as i try to accommodate these!

status 10.12.22

no huge changes today, i think, aside from - what's this? a pixel avatar base! quick, go get it before it runs away! i have a few other things in progress behind the scenes. im considering posting some revamped guides for pokemon games i like.

status 10.10.22

sorry for the lack of updates! been really tired, busy, & still working through medication side effects. just today, ive made a masterpost of my codepen.io codes (which just has one right now...) & a preloaded navigation/etc js tutorial to help people make easier-to-edit websites without having to edit every page to add new navigation options (or use iframes). ideally would like to learn how to use a static site generator someday.

status 9.23.22

had to fix the generators cuz i removed the javascript links to them the other day. oh! we have the comic hosted on comicfire now

v2.0 (unformatted)


the three-column format is BACK! and the new default theme is 'night music', but you can always set it back to retro if you prefer that one. this new layout comes with hover-menus for a few items too!


big update - two new themes (lavender & night music!), some minor adjustment of fonts/site alignment, and links to my personal public social accounts!


two new reviews are up! splatoon 3 came out recently, so it's worth making a review soon after its release. i also got some new scents in, so i wrote a review for one of the samples ("katabatic") that came with the order. i also added an updated preview image for pile of green goo, as well as a very small update. woohoo


new page of the comic. been adjusting to new meds so ive had less to post!


new icons up on the free graphics page! we'll see if i add more...


yooo, what? we have a clan quiz now, AND it has cool graphics? oh i'm so excited!


lots of new stuff - a username generator, an archive of my old layouts, and one singular new (old) background tile added to my free graphics page. lots more ideas in store... hehe...


more tiling images added to free stuff. considering what i want to add to the site next... so many things to do!


added some free tile backgrounds to my free stuff page! i have a lot more ideas in mind, but here's what i have for now.


i've decided to utilize my tumblr sideblog - which initially was meant as a comicpage mirror - as a gallery and functioning image database. i've embedded iframes to each tag relevant to 2d, 3d, and comic pages in each respective page! so now i can more easily update and tag artwork. woop!


we have a shoutbox again - something new this time, and still external, but i can't be assed to figure out anything native-side.


uploaded a buuuunch of 2d/3d art to my art index. looking forward to adding more over time!


new site theme to echo my current game addiction: 'joppa', a caves of qud-style theme! and some edits to the pixel page. (i resized them poorly before.)


i did some restructuring internally and re-categorized some pages, so if urls are broken, try hard refreshing (ctrl+f5) or try again later. i'm gonna start slowly adding to my art section again, but for now, there's two pixel arts! take a look via the my art link on the side.



i made the difficult decision of removing my status.cafe widget because sometimes it makes my whole site hang. oops!


annnnnd the new layout is done! i've done some spring cleaning (near the end of summer...) so some pages were snipped, including the page of doom (which i want to remake again later, but not now)! shoutbox will *also* be making its return, hopefully soon, thanks to my pal over at warpzone. thanks for sticking around!


in the process of making a new layout.... i broke the current one. it's back to normal. oh! and we have another comic page up: click here! in the future i would like to figure out a proper 'guestbook' code for comments etc, as well as alt text. or maybe ill host them via a comic site.


we have a new page of the comic! we also have a restructured sidebar (new subcategory for comic-related, and new site intro page).


- ive updated the cast page, and also, it's miss penny's 7th birthday, so i added a few more pics. happy birthday polite girl!!!!


- we have strip # 2!! yippee!!!


- some edits to the scrapbook theme, and a new game review for pokemon legends arceus! go check it out! (also check out that new emote!)


- guess who made a new site theme!!! it is listed as 'scrapbook' in the style dropdown now. ALSO NOT TO BE OVERSHADOWED: i made a new web strip! go read it! it's new! the first one!


- i'm home again! i am trying to organize my brain so i can figure out what i wanna do with the site. looking into a new framework that should allow me to make blog posts and art posts more easily. in the meantime, i am now affiliated with my friend wyvy!


- i am currently on vacation to my girlfriend's in oregon! so, sparser updates until july. o7


- there's an update to my about-me page, and it's now called meet the cast!! i also added a couple new images to miss penny's page. i'd like to try putting up some recolorable bases later :-)


- very significant update to the layout of the site that allows for easier editing on the backend. also, new theme - 'hot topic'! try it out in the styleswitcher. i am rolling this update out to every page i can remember atm, so if you see a bug, try hard refreshing with ctrl+f5, and if it's still broken, let me know! :]


- i've added a new ramble to my thoughts area about names & the self.


- cleaned up front page a bit and made optimizations on mobile layout (removed banner + side-padding that made widths a little weird).


- edited a text color in the seagull layout theme, and also... wrote a little something! ha hee! (also added a little thing at the top of every page on this site to show the hierarchy of pages.)


- sorry for the radio silence! i did some formatting updates to 'songs you wake up to', and added a few new doodles to my art page.


- happy post day-of-fools! nothing too big lately, aside from a new perfume review. i am working on something to post soonish about an old website i used to frequent that has been gone for more than a decade. i wanted to say thank you all for the kind posts in the guestbook, as well! it encourages me to keep going :-) take care for now!

PS i added a new theme >:) it's called 'seagull'! check the style switcher!


- a couple new code snippets! one i made for a friend (floating an image over a div) and one i made for myself (navigation layout). check them outttt!


- been adjusting to meds & very low energy & exhausted lately. that said..... i did finally take nice pics of some of my individual scent bottles and put em on their appropriate review pages :-)

...oh, and a new review posted for 'gray november' by deathandfloral!


- new moods for my updates. also updated my reviews page w/ a banner. i got new perfumes, so i took some pics of my collection! pic 1, pic 2, pic 3.


- modified the splash page slightly, cleaned up some old pages that saw little use, & added a new scent review! i have a couple new scents coming in a few days so keep an eye out for more >:-) (i didn't think i'd ever get into perfume reviews...)


- new pages: songs you wake up to & a separate link-to-us page. nice refinements to mobile viewing & general tweaking of main page elements.. wahoo!


- at long last, we have scent reviews! go look at them. i would like to add more in the future :-)!!


- tinkering here and there. added two new webring links on the right & consolidated my quiz links into a quiz subdirectory for easier categorization & cleaner navigation. low energy lately for a variety of reasons so may be slow to update for a bit. thank you for your patients ^_^


- newly added styleswitcher on the right side of the screen! press ctrl+f5 if you don't see it or if there are other errors. there's only two styles right now (retro and plush) but i hope they're sufficient!

the new banner has another old fursona in it :-) other optimizations done to the code too. there might be unforeseen consequences of these edits, so let me know if you see them.


- we have a new quiz, new shoutbox, and some other tweaks here and there! i'm hoping to add more code snippets or some tips/tricks for coding at some point. we gotta keep it goin!


- woo, lots of new things! code snippets (and the current layout code O_O!), free graphics, AND a new POLL OF THE MONTH! whew! enjoy! PS. PS. i added some minimal mobile code so it should be easier to traverse on mobile (but not extremely). thank yous


- we now have miss penny's page, added to the sidebar as well! i will have to add more pictures of her too as time goes :-) im also intermittently adding pictures to my art page.


- ever wonder what kind of weirdo you are? TAKE MY CREATURE QUIZ!! oh i also uploaded some art, updated my info page, and added some new links on da side. :)


- now introducing.... THE PAGE OF D00M!!!! also i may have put two more reviews up. take a look. more to come....


- more site tinkering (readjusting the layout) & two new reviews for vylet pony's newest albums! go look right now plz&ty. cringe generator coming up SOON(tm). ADDENUM: diary page added, shoutbox added. theres a visitor tracker but its kind of wonky rn.


- initial site launch, w00t! there's a lot of missing pages. but there *is* a review of tailchaser's song up.