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pokemon reviews


i have been a super-fan of the pokemon series since i was six years old. that's a long time! and that means i have thousands of hours sunk into the game series overall. i thought it'd be really fun to create reviews for each one i've played.

in these reviews, we calculate the four Fs - fun, formula, function, and flair - as well as the overall ('full') score.


fun entails just that - the fun factor! how much did i enjoy myself while playing it? did it feel good to play through?


formula describes how much i personally feel it displays the "pokemon spirit". are there collectable pokemon, a catch em all factor? does it feel like an adventure? does it make me remember how it feels to be a kid?


function defines the gameplay loop itself. is it solid? does it get boring or repetitive over time? is there variety in the gameplay?


flair is all about the looks and style of the game. does it have an appealing, unified 'style' it's going for, and does it reach those goals? is it distinct from a generic realistic or toony style? does it 'own it'?


full score is meant to be the overall score, or my general 'would i recommend it to others' score. this is not the same as 'would i recommend it to a person that's new to the games?' score, which will always go to pokemon firered and leafgreen, really.

i will be grouping together any games that released together, ie. sun and moon, firered and leafgreen, ruby sapphire and emerald, etc. for simplicity's sake!

the index

generation 1
title score
pkmn rgby 3/5star
generation 2
title score
pkmn gsc 4/5star
side games
title score
legends arceus 5/5star