latest news


welcome to friends from that cohost post! still on vacation for another week, but i've done some relocating and condensation of some of the left nav for ease of browsing.

ALSO, submenus are now click-to-enable, which is nicer for me because i hated how sensitive the hover is. still making tweaks to the color of submenu toggle buttons in various themes, but it works in the default one, and THAT'S what matters!! love yall!


first update of the new year! nothing particularly significant, but i will be on vacation at my girlfriend's house til february.


happy hearth's warming and winter solstice etc. another section of my gen 1 level guide is released. i'm really blazing through it. and having a lot of fun with it! i am entertaining the idea of a full-on journal on this site but we'll see...

ADDENDUM: there is also a new site theme - 'pkmn' - selectable in the style switcher now! archive