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character gallery

here's a list of my characters. you can also find them on my toyhouse profile for alternate art, poses, info, etc.

my artfight profile is here. though you know how artfight is in the early days of the season - that's why i have this page! it's a reliable backup! for you!

feel free to leave a front page shout or message on my artfight page or toyhouse if you have questions.

toby icon here

description: toby/tobias is a black fox with a white chest and white tail-tip. his eyes are usually a warm green or off-yellow, but are sometimes white if it looks nice. he occasionally wears a collar. he is always on four legs. he is very timid and keeps to himself

favorite things: forests, plants, bugs, alone time ("me time!"), listening to ambient synth/jazz fusion/other relaxed or melancholy or experimental music, the color green (but especially a yellow-green that's almost mustard).

art concept/prompt ideas: listening to music with headphones, banging out the tunes, wandering the woods or fields, watching clouds pass over, following paths in the forest, maybe something with a photo-collage background/similar collage elements using personal photos you're nostalgic for. experimental introspective pieces are also very welcome.

other notes: he tends to be drawn with indistinct features (undefined nose or paws or other lines), but he does have a nose and paws and the like. you can colorpick from his eyes for whatever you want to color his paws or mouth. please don't draw him anthro.

swifty icon here

description: swifty is an energetic white-and-ginger cat-thing with brown stripes. the left side of his face is covered with a ginger tabby patch and his tail is striped tabby too. the rest of them is all white. they have vivid lime-green eyes and pink pawpads, nose, mouth, and inner ear (right; the left inner ear is white stylistically).

favorite things: virtual pets, netscape navigator, pokemon (wingull! togekiss! azumarill! clodsire!), drawing, wolfquest, getting into mischief, retro furry art (especially from the early 2000s)

art concept/prompt ideas: exploring the internet, classic meme redraws (nyancat, shocked gopher, etc), emulating popular art styles circa 2000s-2010s, doing noneuclidean pinkie-pie type acrobatics or antics, or dancing to energetic music

other notes: not a 'full furry' in the sense that it's pretty small and animal-like still. kind of like one of those magical girl mascot types. you know...

taqui icon here

description: taqui is a vibrant-colored anthro-form computer program. he is mostly black with bright yellow, red, and blue accents. he has long bunnylike ears tipped with yellow tufts. his tail is long and ends with three stripes (blue, red, yellow) and a yellow spiky tuft.

his right eye is red with a blue-to-yellow pupil, and the left is yellow with a red-to-blue pupil. (it's ok if you forget which side is which.) one leg is red and yellow, as is the opposite arm. (right arm, left leg, but again, who gives a fuuuuck)

favorite things: sending email, exploring the virtual landscape, 3d artwork and scenery, early computer design, BBS terminals, windows '98, dialup modems, audio visualizers

art concept/prompt ideas: scenery generated in an old 3d art program like bryce3d (or made to look like that), generic geocities-like tiled background images (especially stuff like water, stars, trees, etc), anything that plays with the division of real and virtual (like stepping out of the computer screen!), geometric shapes / forcing him into geometric angles and shapes, playing with stylized lineless

other notes: he does not have a defined nose, but he can be drawn with whiskers (free-floating or attached). the whiskers just have to be one of the colors already on him - red, blue, yellow. the mark on his chest is any sort of star/burst type shape, but doesnt have to be exactly star-shaped (or even have five points exactly). you can be creative with it!

loon icon here

description: loon is a calico cat, mostly white with a brown ear, a black ear, a black tail, and a black spot on his left hip/side. he is often drawn with a brown bandana, scarf, or similar, but it's not necessary. his eyes are either brown or black, either way. his nose is brown.

favorite things: going on walks, storms (especially dreary days where it hasn't yet rained but it will soon), new-age synth and dungeon synth music, dark evocative paintings, cabins, pine trees, moss

art concept/prompt ideas: going on a nature hike (especially in mountainous areas), playing by the riverside with river rocks, looking at fish, identifying plants, marking trails, sitting and watching the world go by

other notes: he can be drawn feral or anthro (but should be clothed if anthro!! nakey not allowed!!). muted colors for pieces would be ideal. his paws are the same color as his nose and mouth. his black tones tend towards a blueish gray or muted blue-black, but solid black is fine esp with ink pieces.

forest icon here

description: forest is a fat wolfdog taur. their face is blue-gray, orange, and white. their tail is also bluegray with an orange stripe right before the white tip. they have a long bang over the right side of their face and they wear glasses. there is a beauty mark on their right cheek. the rest of their body is all white with long shaggy fur. their nose and paws are pink, and their eyes are pale blue-green. around their neck is a collar (brown or blue-green).

favorite things: the woods, drawing, making music, 3d modeling, being a dog-thing, giving friends horsey rides, GIRLS (especially his girlfriend), instrumental music

art concept/prompt ideas:generic "what would a taur do in this situation" type artwork (comedic is OK! as long as it isnt fatphobic!), taking his girlfrienda somewhere, surrounded by seagulls (ideal situation this is awesome), petting cats or giving them a ride, taking care of plants

other notes: he likes wearing loose, comfortable clothing. graphic tees are OK and encouraged cuz they can be very funny. he needs those glasses or else he will bump into stuff. don't forget that right-cheek mole!