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miss penny

we got miss penny in july 2020, at the brink of the pandemic. my last cat had passed away in dec 2017, and i felt really lonely without her around. after a bit of searching and waiting (there was a surprise boom of pandemic adoptions!), we got to meet miss penny!

she was just called 'penny', at the time, but she was very very round but very very peaceful. she didn't mind getting picked up by the shelter volunteer either. we learned she has a chronic eye problem (well, they said it was just temporary but you know how it goes) but all in all seemed like a decent enough little cat.

now she's been here for a while and we've ended up nicknaming her 'miss penny' as she is very polite. i like to call her penelope also, as well as 'miss thing', 'weirdo', 'miss peebis / miss penetentiary / miss pebble/ miss pepsi', 'the girl', 'baby girl', and other such monikers as the endearment allows.

she got minorly popular on tumblr via this viral post. (...40k notes is, i guess, not 'minor', but i think tumblr is fairly niche. so it doesnt matter.) i also have a tumblr tag for her that contains doodles and pictures of her. (unless tumblr goes down the drain, i'll just be keeping most of the photos ive taken of her there to avoid too much server space bloat.)

here's a selection of photos:

and some doodles (click for high res):