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sleeping hills giant, 2024-06-05
firebringer, 2024-05-31
runner, 2024-05-30
patience, 2024-05-20
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.: sunny :: 06.14.24 :: The Hatches! Open! :.
avatar further edits have been made to my characters page, notably new refs for loon and swifty. these are also uploaded to my artfight profile. i wanted to make sure everything was set in stone before the t...
.: sunny :: 06.05.24 :: The Preparation For The Storm :.
avatar in preparation for artfight next month, my characters page has gone under slight renovation and now is pretty much done again. i would like to get a new properly-redrawn ref done for loon before the e...
.: sunny :: 05.07.24 :: Walls and Footholds :.
avatar lately i have been trying to find a new approach to my creative processes. this has had its own effects, a ripple on my little pond, through different unrelated endeavors, like finding fun in things,...

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