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status 11.1.23

after a month, i am finally finished! dogtober is finished! there is a full gallery of images and a text-based list for mobile browsers or people with slower connections. the list also has extra variants of some of the images on display.

additionally i've added a guide to pkmn pinball that ive had brewing for a bit.

i may consider adding some free icons from dogthingtober at some point, but ive been really tired lately as usual.

status 9.30.23

added pagination to my gallery and moved individual page navigation to the top. lots of artwork added too.

i am phasing out the pkmn theme, and it's now unpickable from the styleswitcher. i'll revamp it later...

modest edits to the how to play furrymuck section. mostly to correct some information.

two new pages created, also: my hrt experience and things my mom taught me about the internet.

lastly, i edited the little nav bar you see above the content so there's a lil gif of swifty and altias. see ya next time!

status 9.25.23

improvements to how to play furrymuck section andddddd not much else! enjoy. lol

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