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All About Dogthings


what is a dogthing?

a dogthing is a very rudimentary or simple dog... or, dog "thing"... that i draw a lot. theyre inspired by a lot of different dogthings, like the car seat headrest dogs, or that one artist who draws animated dogbeasts with really detailed and strange tongues.

who is a dogthing?

dogthings are a small part of myself... er, i guess not 'small', but more like... hidden. the roots of the tree, and all that. i guess theyre kind of like representations of myself without the use of a fursona.

why is a dogthing?

they're really easy to draw, which is great for me, because i have trouble drawing if i'm too focused on making the body look perfect. they have lines in place of the eyes and generally no mouth or nose, depending on my mood. the mouth is usually only there to express something like joy or surprise. the nose is just there if i think it looks good... haha!

how is a dogthing?

dogthing is easy. you do two loopy loops up, then one to the side. then you just extend from there. their legs are fairly flexible and strange, and often lack much defining features aside from toe lines. theyre generally spiky looking in a kind of arbitrary way.

when is dogthing?

right now! pick up a pencil my friend and feast upon the dogthing banquet! embrace your shaky lines. dont sweat anything. and have fun.

hope this helps,

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