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At Rest


today was OK. i went out shopping with my dad to get some more distilled water. realizing i do have quite severe agoraphobia and need to reintegrate myself into society again. also realizing no one masks anymore and feeling paranoid over it. i think that's a reasonable reaction. right?

tried to get some nonfluoride toothpaste but couldnt find any - would probs have to get it via amazon or ebay or what-have-you. had a delicious chicken fajita. beat the eight gym leaders in johto in pokemon heartgold. wrote a bunch.

not sure whats making my mood so chill. maybe my body's feeling better after the medication i stopped..? dunno. maybe it's the chair again. which, btw, the new one broke! ack and alas! i have something else, for now.

got an important phone call during tabletop yesterday; looking forward to see what that will bring in the future. and not long after the appointment for that, i have an appointment to finally get my teeth looked at. after... one or two years of trying. things are working out, i think...

feeling pretty confident in my skillset right now. i am currently on the "im a genius" step of the artist staircase, which i'm sure will be followed by 'oh no!" eventually, but im basking for the moment. the stuff i make seems well liked wherever i post it & i like how it looks, too. people were tagging my art as 'insp'. can you believe it? im inspiring people...

all the nice comments i get on my front page mean so much to me also, BTW, i never know when i should reply / not reply but every message adds fuel to the fire in my heart. thank you all for your support & i hope you continue to stop by once in a while. PS someone show me how to understand RSS feeds so i can make one without too much hassle.

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