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my cat has been sitting in sunbeams again lately... she hadn't for a while but it's funny that i have to look around my chair to make sure she isn't sitting directly behind the wheels... she loves being by me AND being in the sun...

always having dreams or nightmares about going to my girlfriend's house, or having to leave it. had a dream the other night that i was driven up to oregon (9 hour trip) for the weekend and then had to leave without getting comfortable. gf commented on it when i mentioned the dream later as "when u travel u need enough time to be settled in first", which is sweet... haha

pokemon heartgold is going well... im doing a flying run, but not nuzlocke mode. i decided it doesnt really feel good, and i think itd be too hard for me. it is frustrating that i can't evolve my togetic til what seems to be post-e4. aghhh!! and bugcatcher ed won the stupid bug catching contest today too =_= broooo

got to watch my friend heather play skyrim heavily modded and it was kind of hilarious. she was riding on a bunny that did strange things with its forelegs when it sat down. she also had renamon as a companion, and the bloom made her look borderline angelic, LOL

ive been hearing foxes outside at night lately, also. they sound a bit startling. i also heard them fighting a couple nights ago. makes me glad my cat is an indoor beast!!!!!! :/ they get scared off by vehicles easily though.

also been in a strange place re: how i view myself with fursona designs. i think i need to figure out more comfortable forms to be in on the internet. the one fursona i have isn't enough... i need something weirder....i need to BE weirder...

it'll happen eventually,

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