Same Stew Just Reheated


despite feeling static, i think i've found some fun things to do lately... videogame wise, i played some path of exile with my girlfriend (and had more fun than i expected!), and i'm getting back into yume 2kki online. ive been taking a bit of a break from dwarf fortress. been playing limbus company too, of course, but i'm waiting for the next banner to get shown before i use the 10-pull i've got hoarded...

im kind of itching to 3d model again, so i've been tinkering with a variety of projects. since my girlfriend's birthday was on the 22nd, i told her i'd make her a vrchat avatar, but i know she is particular about details, so i've been getting as much feedback as i can from her so she likes it. (she feels bad about being critical of my work, but again, she's just particular, and i don't mind it, LOL.) i think i understand retopologizing now and i've been doing sculpts before retopo now rather than my usual method of subdividing a cube and editing that before applying the subdiv.

i feel like ive been struggling to do environment work, which frustrates me a little! i like environments. maybe it's just that i've been trying to do an interior scene and i suck at those. maybe i need to make something different. a nice forest scene, maybe...

the other day my friend autumn wrote an email while "sorceress high" and my girlfriend read it aloud and it was the funniest shit ever. i got to record some lines for the voiceover because i get quoted in it. (it's weird how different - and the same - my voice sounds since HRT!) i think it'd be fun to take a video of the email and add the audio over it.

i recently joined vb's oekaki and the teensyangl forums, also. i think they're fun. i like returning to long-form posting from the usual hurried social media posts. i also never got to try oekakis extensively and i really enjoy the tools there.

i wonder if i should make more quizzes sometime soon. i should probably also try writing up a guide to static site generation for newbs because i had to figure some shit out. maybe later, LOL. lots of other stuff i want to do. for later, i think. for now, i'm good.

the clock ticks microwave,


listening to: RTRT
playing: yume 2kki online
feeling: bland
outside it is: sunny