Sing A Song About Life


its a nice sunny day here in california!

i am still waiting to hear back from a lot of places about various things. (this includes the wound care department of the hospital, who have yet to set up an appointment to look at my stupid leg again!) i'm also waiting for my new tablet cable. feels like a lot of my life seems to focus on waiting, lately.

i rewatched nanoha a's again w/ polycule and my friend may.

i also realized next month is my three year anniversary of being on HRT! so i made this video as a timelapse. i had one that i made last year but this one has a clip i took today. (i ended up rambling for sooo long...)

penny's tummy has been upset lately so we've been experimenting with her food. we were doing half-wet/half-dry with lots of water, and now have changed to dry with water mixed in, and next we're going to try some indoor cat wet food mix. we're hopeful that it'll fix her stomach a bit.

in lieu of tablet, i've been doing pixel art with my mouse in aseprite. i miss doing paintings! but the pixels provide their own unique challenge. i have a sheet of random pixel creatures that i will probably post when i have more of a backlog of them.

my cpap machine seems to work fine, BTW, if anyone was wondering. first few nights were a little strange (wasn't sure how it was supposed to sit on my face, or how the straps were supposed to wrap around my head!), but i'm starting to get the hang of it now. (there's a little display on the machine that tells you how your mask seal was and how long you used it that night - i am getting a Good Grade in CPAP!) i feel less chest aching than i did before, my mouth isn't nearly as dry, and generally i have a little more focus. not a whole lot, mind you - adhd and post-covid still takes a big bite out of it! - but it's better, marginally.

what else... other than that? i guess i've been just hanging out with my girlfriend a lot (and our friends). watching a friend play misericorde volume one and i enjoyed the yuri moments ive seen so far. another friend or two have shown me some of vampire the masquerade: bloodlines. which i have played a little of too. the guy in the intro makes me think of someone my dad would know. it makes me feel fond of him.

also my dad has been much nicer lately (maybe because my health problems are more prominent now). i feel bad when he compares me to my mom but i am kind of inheriting her chronic illness. at least my brain is more peaceful than hers was.

um, anyway! i dunno what else to put here right now. just some scatterbrained thoughts instead of a big update to the site because i have no energy or focus for it rn. i'd like to do some more stuff though. and i have some things in my pocket for later. so thank you for reading!

my cat is yelling at me,


listening to: SING A NOTE
playing: pixel cats end
feeling: focused
outside it is: sunny