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Extra! Extra!


hooray! the 3d thumbnails aren't broken anymore. (i had forgotten to convert them over when i converted the 2d gallery.) i have added a toggle to show/hide alt text - the alt text has always been there, just invisible unless you use a screen reader, but i felt it was only fair to have it visible otherwise, too, like i have it on my webcomic site. and i wanted to add it in for when i port over the comic here, too. so it's there now!

additionally, i have a beta theme for high contrast users who want a light mode, helpfully named 'contrast', which also features some larger text (which is somewhat inconsistent still). you can find it in the styleswitcher near the bottom. you can use the dark reader extension to invert the colors, but i might end up making a 'dark mode' contrast version sometime too. (i also removed the lavender skin this update. sorry to the lavender likers!)

i hope the changes are to your liking!

trying my best,

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