Arts and Crafts


lately ive had the itch to create stuff.... trying lots of new techniques or methods.... there's a lot of mediums that id like to play with irl that i dont have access to due to space/money/time... which is sad! but at least i can experiment digitally with stuff like it

my friends know me as a very eclectic person so im always trying new stuff, just to try them. itd be nice to stick to something but i have too many ideas. i am always jumping around...

i can never do written work, though, i always get way too into it and have trouble breaking myself out of it after a bit. my brain gets stuck somewhere. does that happen to other people? i feel a bit like it gets away from me really fast and i haven't got the skill to guide it. maybe it's normal, i dunno, but i used to do text-prose roleplay and i had the same issue, even after doing it a lot.

everything takes practice,


listening to: Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul
playing: caves of qud
feeling: achey
outside it is: sunny