Things My Cat Likes


here is an unorganized list of things that my cat likes...

  • the sound of a crinkly paper bag
  • looking outside my window at night before she goes to bed
  • playing with her ribbon toy from behind the door
  • following - no, RACING - me to the kitchen
  • cheek scratches
  • laying in the sun
  • treats
  • whatever we're eating (even though we don't give her any)
  • grabbing me with her paw hands
  • licking things
  • the color yellow
  • feather toys
  • standing watch while i grab food from the kitchen at 1am
  • laying in the crook of my arm
  • laying in the crook of my back
  • tucking her nose into my arm when she's curled up by me
  • being called 'the girl', 'my girl', 'beautiful', 'penelope', or 'kitty'
  • when i slow blink at her
  • slow blinking back at me
  • when i look out the window with her
  • inspecting objects i present to her from my desk for entertainment
  • looking into the cubby hole in my desk (could be food there)
  • moths and bats at the window at night
  • hearing me wake up in the morning
  • hearing my dad wake up in the other room
  • sleeping on the bed in the same place i sleep
  • my dad
  • me

i like her too,


listening to: aphex twin - rhubarb
playing: vrchat
feeling: pleasant
outside it is: sunny