*12 hours of SEL powerline noise*


today i got my leg looked at by the wound care department at the hospital! it looks to have healed pretty significantly, but the swelling was still there, so they put a compression stocking on along with some ace bandages. one of the doctors complimented my name. i always get stuck between just saying thanks or saying thanks i picked it myself :P

ive been thinking abt what's been driving my artwork lately. i feel like - it's hard to put into words, but - some sort of switch turned back on in my brain. probably something to do with seasonal depression going away with the sunlight. i feel like i have actual ideas to depict, or feelings, or whatever. hell, i even started working on oc worldbuilding for the first time in almost a decade...

it probably also helps that i am learning a lot about myself lately, and a lot about other people. things feel like theyre settling into some sort of rough routine, and it's easier for me to express myself or make room for myself. (i've gotten easier to auditorily overwhelm, so i've been improving my 'excusing myself' skills.) i guess this means i'm also getting more in-touch with myself and my feelings/thoughts. the fog is clearing a bit - probably thanks to that cpap machine...

in dwarf fortress, ive been having a lot of fun decorating forts while also making them functionally economical. i get compliments on my builds sometimes from friends (and from the people on /r/dwarffortress, the one time i posted one!). it makes me feel like i am 'getting better' at DF. hell, i basically got all my usual builds set up within the first in-game year...!

if i had to express myself with a dwarf fortress emote, it'd be light green... not perfect, i think, but still my soul sings! i feel fulfilled lately. i want to make more progress with calling doctors and stuff. but for now, i think i'm content. at least with what's possible at the moment.

the sun is warm,


listening to: 7pm (ACNL)
playing: dwarf fortress
feeling: relaxed
outside it is: cloudy