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Strike The Earth!


greetings or something,

bro im so tired i went to bed at 3am and woke up FIVE TIMES until i just got up at 9. then i napped from 2 to 4. my god. no rest for the forest

played dwarf fortress. got salamandastrom to work finally. very fun! maybe a bit too many civs. (i should remove dwarves/elves/humans.)

added watermarks to all my art here again because i was like, ah shit, if a webcrawler sees this theyre gonna steals it.... so its gucci now and if someone steals it...... i kill them :/ (JOKE)

i think taking a shower yesterday kicked my ass... i guess i do have CFS symptoms. haaaa.

i barely have energy for things i want to do... >_< i said that yesterday. but it still holds true

still waiting on refund for the compression socks i ordered that never SHIPPED!!!! ugh. i cant escalate til the 3rd. oh well.

keep it real,

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playing: dwarf fortress
feeling: exhausted
outside it is: rainy rainy