And The Ultimate Bloging Begins


umm.... haiii

i found this script and thought it looked neat and maybe a journal would be easier to keep in computer format? lol

i custom-added the status box above so it can feel a bit more like old deviantart. do you remember the pre-eclipse days, even so far back as 2010? i do.

today i managed to take a nice shower and have some nice food. i even saw some deer outside in the snow(!) and took a picture to send to my girlfriend's mom. (she sent me a meme, so it's only fair...)

there have been some troubles near my grandma's house lately. i hope it ends soon? it sounds like a bad breakup gone even worse than expected...

been absorbed in dwarf fortress, also! i really want to get to work on my mods again but i am really exhausted lately - i think it's the mix of long covid chest pain and cold air. (my chest aches a lot lately and seems to alleviate some when it's warmer.)

splatoon 3 released a notable update today. other people will know it as the "new weapons and jukebox update". i will remember it as "the day i could finally unleash my level 50 tableturf ass on random people on the internet". i was kind of worried tableturf would be sort of like pokemon contests - not very popular except to a niche crowd, hard to build for, gimmicky... but it seems to be solid enough that the multiplayer option actually came out. so!

i painted today, and that felt nice. i have been practicing my color eyeballing skills and i think it shows!! i really enjoy krita as a program for that, even if it's sometimes less intuitive than clip studio. it has a lot of really nice brushes and i prefer how it mixes color to CSP. (feels like a middle ground between that and paint tool sai, which i used before converting to CSP in ~2019.)

it'd be nice to make a painterly portrait of all of the "main characters" sometime... maybe? maybe. i won't promise it. but i do want to keep drawing. maybe i'll do more references from real life photos i took or was featured in... (the one of my mom was one ive wanted to do since i was on vacation, so it felt cathartic to actually finish it.)

i have been sleeping really poorly lately. i think the aforementioned long covid chest pain makes it hard. some nights i wake up 2 times (ideal), some nights i wake up 4-5. it's not restful, and i often wake up completely winded.... x3x i have an appointment with my doctor coming up, so maybe she can recommend something new for it. (the inhaler she gave me is just albuterol, so not a steroid.)

re: medication, i got my hormones early... O_o usually i get them starting next week in 4-week increments! must be because i ordered them early for my vacation in january. (that means i need to remind dad to refill the syringes and accessories next week though, after the snowstorm settles down.)

feeling less stressed than last week. hoping that continues into the next one.

yours delightfully,


listening to: sand dream
playing: splatoon 3
feeling: restless
outside it is: raining