Repetition, Repetition, Repetition...


today i felt very tired. i took a shower, which meant the rest of the day was spent recovering from the very same shower. (friends tell me this isnt normal. and this is probably a POTS thing? idk.)

the APAP machine still isnt here, and neither is my new tablet cord. but that's fine. im enjoying drawing with my mouse instead. i would say that it's 'nostalgic' but i never *drew* with a *mouse*. i drew with a trackpad. not the same!

i spent a lot of the day sitting around modeling a cat in blender, but i was struggling a lot - and still am, i think - with getting a face shape that feels right. it's meant to be a catsona for me, which means i'm being a lot more picky. but it's hard to find a good example of what i want, and if the face looks off, the whole model is thrown off course...

anyway, after a while i ended up asking to hang with friends in call because my mind was full of static after that. and that was fun. we didnt do anything high energy - just watched some stuff. but really, i dunno what i would have the energy for anything more than that.

had a nice time talking to my dad this morning. i feel bad that he might think i'm mad at him - not that i'm exactly the happiest, but yknow, he's my dad. i don't hate him. and honestly it's nice having him as a constant in my background noise.

filed taxes, weight off my shoulders, but was reminded of the futility that is dentist appointments for wisdom teeth stealing. won't go into detail, just mad that it's so hard to get an appointment w/ my insurance. tired of calling around. tired of waiting.

i will say, a nice thing about my life is i will, around 75% of the time, wake up with my cat nestled against me. she loves it when i wake up (frequently - no APAP machine yet, love you sleep apnea!) because i will - by habit - reach out and scritch her cheek fur the way she likes it.

now, am i conscious when i do this? maybe technically, but i am still mostly asleep, so i only remember maybe one or two times in the night that i do that (AND IT PROBABLY HAPPENS A LOT MORE!)

miss penny is very clingy but not shy. i had a dream that we brought another cat home for her to play with.i don't think we would do that. but it was nice to see her grooming another cat.

i need to clean my room side note.... i have been low energy this whole week, and so there's a backlog of trash and old towels/etc cluttering the corners.

this is getting long but i wanted to also add that i was part of that 8.69% of splatoon players who voted for bigfoot. BIG MAN SQUAD #1 IN THE WORLD!!!! i feel like an actual cryptid. but its fine. i just wasnt expecting the gap to be that wide (the other two were in the 40s, evenly matched, too)...

anyway that's all. as i type this im looking into rss feed options for the site. it'd be cool. and that means i wanna do it.

my cat is awsom :D,


listening to: Kiss From A Rose
playing: limbus company
feeling: dull
outside it is: beginnings of the storm