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the recurring dream

an orange and white bicolor cat is being shocked by a long thunderbolt. the scenery is a dark, stormy hillside, with red radio tower lights in the distance.

the recurring dream


based on a dream i had many years ago that i remember often. the concept has stayed the same, but the interpretation has varied over the years. the dream itself was of standing (as swifty) in a storm, thundering but not raining, and yelling out a question to the sky, which was answered with a resounding boom. quite ominous, but also evocative.

these are the old variants: 2011,2012, and 2014.

as you can see, the colors, layout, etc are all still fairly similar in end-product! and there was a significant pause between this and the last version. i don't know particularly why. i guess i was busy growing up. and processing the end of my friendship with one of the pictured cats (a friend i LARPed warrior cats with). i still treasure the memories, even if things changed.

i always feel more comfortable delving into the backgrounds of my pieces on this site rather than other sites like FA or tumblr. i guess because it's like you're entering my living room. LOL. anyways, as usual, done in krita.