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the together-quilt song

two white-furred dogs circle each other, smiling, around a gray backdrop that gives way to a beautiful quilt-patch rainbow. the rainbow points into their faces, as if to denote that the rainbow is their song.

the together-quilt song


and here's the first thing i drew when my new tablet cables came in... haha! i really missed playing with texture and colors on a bigger canvas, and had been mostly dinking about in aseprite in the meantime.

this piece is meant to sort of explore the idea of building with your partner - platonic or romantic, whatever - a big old quilt of all of your memories and nostalgia and love, recovering from what might have been burnt away by blood family. it's really nice to have a partner who you can sew together with, metaphorically. (and probably literally. i dont sew though, so i can't speak to that!)

the overlay used on the colored bits is a quilt i grabbed off pexels. i love using watercolor brushes in krita soooo much. theyre so fun compared to some clip studio brushes.