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the wolf etc

[ the wolf only needs luck to find you once]
Style Rollerball
Notes Smoke, incense (sandalwood?), cinnamon
Artist deathandfloral
Date 2021
Vibe Subdued, mature, mysterious, old
Strength ★3/5
Duration ~6hrs
General Use Intimate/Spiritual
Overall Enjoyment ★5/5

when i was young, my mom had a special perfume she'd wear every time my family went out somewhere fancy - a restaurant, a movie, etc - and i've had many years of searching for something similar that have mostly come up fruitless. this scent, i think, is the closest to that scent - it lacks some of the vanilla undertones the original scent had, but it's still a very stand-out profile overall.

the scent doesnt change all too much over the course of wearing it - not that i think it's a bad thing! - and isn't overpowering at all. generally i only really notice it if i put my nose closer to my wrist/wherever i've applied it. maybe it's more noticeable to others? anyway.

it's very laid back, and definitely gives a mysterious vibe. the description on the website is fairly accurate - smokey, woods in the fall, the time before dusk, etc... properly flowery language for this scent. it smells like every incense-filled pagan store ive ever walked into.

the scent fades fairly fast, which makes me a little sad, but i'd rather have that than have it overstay its welcome. it's not garish or outspoken, which i prefer in my scents. i think it's the perfect scent to wear when cozying up with a partner.

overall, i honestly think i'd buy this again, LOL, and this particular brand/scent artist is definitely one i'll be a return customer for.