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vampire market

[ vampire market]
Style Rollerball
Notes Buttery Popcorn, Vanilla, Spices
Artist deathandfloral
Date 2022
Vibe Youthful, teen-ish
Strength ★4/5
Duration 12+ hrs (a LONG TIME)
General Use Casual
Overall Enjoyment ★3/5

this scent came along with my order of the wolf only needs luck to find you once - which is really kind of them! it was their monthly scent of february. i'd not really noticed that they were offering that until i got the package...

it's incredibly strong on first application - buttery popcorn, but in my experience a bit unpleasantly bitter. it eventually (a few hours later?) mellows out into a general vanilla scent, which i think i prefer over the popcorn.

overall, the scent didn't really wow me.... i guess to be expected, as it's not my usual sort of scent (i prefer woodsy, herbal, smoky, rainy things), but it feels almost two-note - the buttery popcorn intro (which i feel overstayed its welcome or made a subpar first impression) and long-lasting vanilla essence (which is fine, if you like vanilla, and i am not really disdainful of it!) is about all i could really make of this one.

i can kind of see 'spices' in this one - it does feel a little more complex than just straight up popcorn - but i cant really get the vibe of 'juicy blood orange' at all.

all in all, it's not a scent i will be using very often, but i think it's perfect for people who want to smell like the movie theater a bit. the mellow vanilla is nice!