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le long fond

[ Le Long Fond]
Style Rollerball
Notes Freshly cut grass, hinoki wood, cedarwood, patchouli, white musk
Artist Maison Louis Marie
Date 2014
Vibe Mature, warm, cozy, secretive, clean
Strength ★4/5
Duration ~6hrs
General Use Professional
Overall Enjoyment ★5/5

this was the first scent i purchased of my collection. i started with just this scent at the suggestion of someone who is more knowledgeable about perfume. i initially had asked about scents that smell like rainy woodland / pine forest, which apparently is a hard one to really find/make? but this one piqued my interest, so...

when first applied, it smells very fresh and green, like grass after the lawn has been mowed. after a little while, it mellows out into something reminiscent of an old wooden inn. it feels very nostalgic and classy. i really REALLY love that the intro is so grassy - it's refreshing.

i think this definitely gives me a vibe of, like, you walked into a forest and got lost, but then you found an old inn with an innkeeper who doesnt seem quite human but is very kind & lets you stay the night, etc, but when you wake up he's gone.

sorry that is really specific. anyway. great one for anyone first starting out with similar interests in like, woodsy scents. i really enjoy it and it makes me feel very cool and mature and maybe a little nonhuman in a good way :-)