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[ Katabatic]
Style Spray sample
Notes ruby cypress, camphor, birch leaf, ravintsara, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, bitter almond, red fir, cedarwood, sandalwood, orris root, dragon's blood resin, oakmoss.
Artist pineward
Date Fall 2022
Vibe Nostalgic, unisex/masc leaning, sweet and musky, summer
Strength ★3/5
Duration ~8hrs
General Use Outings with friends
Overall Enjoyment ★5/5

this smell feels like a testament to my hometown, honestly. i got it as a free sample alongside my purchase of fanghorn ii, in addition to a sample for hayride, which i'd seen the notes of but wasn't that intrigued by. that said, this one seems much more up my alley just at a glance, and at a spray even more so!

the opening notes are very much like root beer, but a slightly more musky and mature take on it. no bitterness, though, it's very sweet. it isn't obnoxious, even if it feels like it would be somehow at a sniff, and it's very pleasant. feels like i'm visiting the local candy store as an adult.

it mellows out into a nice campfire smoky smell, and then near the end of its duration it smells a bit like a dusty bookstore or library.

after a little bit it gives way to a smoky smell. THAT'S the foresty smell i crave! smells like old wood and dirt a little, still with that sweet root-beer-esque tone. giving me the vibes of my childhood visits to any of the mountain rivers in my area.

in terms of how it matches with the notes listed.. i can definitely smell the cinnamon and cloves! and sandalwood! that must be what gives it its smokiness. i think the oakmoss is pretty present as well. the other stuff i haven't smelled quite before, except maybe for the camphor, which it also smells a bit like. it's very woodsy! like a summer woodsy smell...

i think, if you like musk, this is the smell for you! otherwise you may not like it so much. it's not a quiet scent, but not an overwhelming one, either. it feels like giving a hug to an older relative almost.

lightens as the scent ages to a smoky campfire smell. pleasant and doesn't stand out too much. i really enjoy it.