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pile of green goo

[ Green Goo]
Style Rollerball
Notes Partially rotting wood and oakmoss, white oudh, deep & enchanting crushed rose resins
Artist deathandfloral
Date 2021
Vibe you're in a fresh forest :-)
Strength ★1/5
Duration ~3hrs
General Use General personal use (esp camping/book store visits)
Overall Enjoyment ★3/5

okay.... so like. i WANT to love this one, like, so bad. it has really great earthy notes, and even has a little hint of freshly cut grass. i would bathe in this stuff if i could. however.... the scent itself is very weak!!!! which makes me so sad!!!! if it were much stronger i would wear it 24/7, i think.

maybe it will get better with age? i know i had another scent that was like this. i hope it'll get stronger as time goes on. i will write an addendum if it does! it's very much what it says on the tin - old leaves and dirt, and maybe even a slight citrus tinge. if you don't mind it being a more intimate smell, this is for you!

edit to add: and it did not get better. genuinely would recommend something else for this sort of vibe (fanghorn ii is my recommendation). way too weak, not even strong enough to be 'intimate' level!!