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gray november

[ Gray November]
Style Rollerball
Notes Clove, cedarwood, fig jam, cinnamon-y, pine-y undertones
Artist deathandfloral
Date 2021
Vibe Festive, autumn-y, warm, hallmark store
Strength ★4/5
Duration ~8hr
General Use Holiday season!
Overall Enjoyment ★4/5

this one made me smile... it definitely gives me the same vibes as a cozy department store (or a hallmark, a payless, a local pharmacy, etc). the cloves give it a very festive feel. would be perfect to wear during winter holidays, imo. sweet, but in a 'ugly sweater' sort of way rather than a candy way.

definitely feels very homey & i can almost feel some cinnamon notes and pine notes (though mostly just in undertone, and almost more nutty than pine-y - probably the cloves!).

this scent has a surprising amount of depth to it, and it's fairly strong, but not obnoxiously so. warm and full, and very cozy! doesn't overstay its welcome and fades very gracefully.

i would recommend this one if you want to smell like a fancy candle :-)