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thank you

[ Thank You]
Year 2010
Artist June Lalonde
Genres Ambient, Down-tempo, Electronic, Electro, Experimental, Pop, etc
Length Long
Tone Gentle, Abstract, Thoughtful
Variety ★5/5
Pacing ★4/5
Vibes ★5/5
Fav Track Bird Mask

this one's another one i listened to in high school. it's very calm, low energy. the introductory track is solid. makes me vividly think of walking on grass in the early morning, wet from dew, during a long summer. the sun has just barely crested the horizon, so everything is covered in shadow, and the trees & buildings are silhouetted.

this feeling sticks around throughout the album - really capturing a liminal feeling, much like she did in [hope against hope], which she published the year before.

i think she's very good at capturing the spiritual nature of early mornings. hard to think of any songs on this one that don't vibe with me in some way. of them, i think the most awesome tracks are...

...[Double Shot], which i used to think meant like a gunshot, but realized right now this second that it probably meant like.... coffee? haha. i never actually made the connection. it feels like june is facing a difficult choice with two options in this track.

[My Hiding Place] is a nice one too. the name is very apt! it feels like watching a city wake up after a late night. lights turn off in the windows and the sun rises ever-upwards. the beat in this song makes me think of public transit & the morning routine.

[Daughter Earwig] is a pleasant song, like a hug from a family member. it feels very much like a friend that wants to urge you on, and see you grow. i love the progressive percussion here.

bird mask, as noted in the sidebar, is my favorite track, though. its intro is so fun in its execution - a simple up and down scale, as if it's winding itself up, and then it takes off, like a bird on the wing. and, genuinely, it makes me want to watch birds. LOL

i think this is one of june lalonde's underrated albums. it's a very quiet addition, one that you could easily miss, but it's also a nice, gentle, warm journey from start to finish. immaculate vibes as always.