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fish whisperer

[ can opener]
Year 2022
Artist Vylet Pony
Genres Acoustic, Electronic, Hip hop, Rock, Pony
Length Long
Tone Pleasant, Good flow, Contemplative
Variety ★4/5
Pacing ★5/5
Vibes ★5/5
Fav Track dream library / time water / mayflower notebook

oh my god... okay, okay. haha. i've been looking forward to this album release like, so much, you have NO idea. omg. okay. so.

for the uninitiated: vylet pony is, as you may guess, a my little pony themed music artist. which some people may think is cringe, but as she says in [antonymph] (on CUTIEMARKS), "don't care you think it's cringe, because it's not your life!". (by the way, keep an eye out for a review of that album too...)

this album tells the story of can opener, a musician who feels lost, and discouraged, and uninspired. they go to the hippogriff festival, meet a rainbow koi, and ultimately rediscover their love of music. honestly, it's an emotional ride. i absolutely got chills during dream library, and i've lately been prone to thinking about the human experience...


this album is seriously solid. 16 tracks! vylet really pulled out all the stops for this one, and it shows. like her work on CUTIEMARKS, there's a large variety of styles at play here. her track [i've still got something to teach you] gives me some vibes of stairway to heaven in its rest periods. [the yak song] is energetic and unapologetically bubbly, adverse in the face of a religious, bigoted family.

i especially love [telephone] - the beginning intro is clearly representative of catastrophic thinking, and you can absolutely see can opener's discussion with their ex flow in a very natural way. the formula itself reminds me of conversations i've had with my own girlfriend, when i would be more susceptible to catastrophic thinking myself. it really captures those sorts of conversations - one person is trapped in a feedback loop, with a friend who breaks them out of it, even if they sometimes start getting back into that feedback loop.

i love, love, love the flow of this album. the transitions between songs are unobtrusive and fairly seamless, and IMO not noticeable at all even when listening to the songs on their own rather than in one long session.

yes, the album is long - but it isn't an uncomfortable length at all. it's not a harsh listen, but may make you think about your life a bit, which, yknow, maybe you want? anyway this album is fucking 10/10. please listen