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[ CUTIEMARKS (and the things that bind us)]
Year 2021
Artist Vylet Pony
Genres Acoustic, Electronic, Hip hop, Hyperpop, Rock, Pony
Length Longish
Tone Punk, High energy, Unapologetically Cringe
Variety ★5/5
Pacing ★4/5
Vibes ★5/5

now THIS was my 2021 album of the YEAR! oh my god! okay. so.

this album was kind of a surprise to a lot of people - it was topping the bandcamp charts (out of nowhere, i guess, not that it's undeserved - vylet's stuff is bangin'!) and became sort of an interesting phenomenon. hell, it was popular enough that there was a [silvagunner rip] of it.

that said, it's not as easy of a listen as her newer album, [fish whisperer]. there's some slurs used as emotional relief (the f slur, specifically) and some other darker content in [ISOMETRICA]. this track is fairly cathartic, the audio equivalent to vent art... which isn't a a bad thing, for sure, but it has a heavier & darker tone than some of the other songs on this album. (not to say there are no other darker/heavier songs - [seabound/coordinates] is a personal track about surviving a death spiral & moving on.)

imo, its most prominent and emblematic track is [antonymph]. a love letter to the mid-2000s-early-2010s era of deviantart scene furries. the message is very straightforward - be cringe! who gives a shit if other people think it is cringe! you're having fun! and you should be unapologetically enthusiastic about the things you like. it's a great track, and flutt-gir-shy's design is cute. i like her :)

that said, i think my other favorites are WAYFARER (favorite track), [I DON'T NEED TO BE FIXED], [IDLYAM], [HONEYMOON PHASE], and [BONNIE]. there is so much transgender gay energy in this album and it FUCKING ROCKS!!!!! woo!!

excellent vibes. good pacing & flow. the first half is much easier of a listen than the second half (both good halves, but you may need to mentally prepare yourself for the second half). there's a reason this album was so high on the charts for so long! give it a go. and embrace ur cringe! like i am with this website! ^_^