~*~ miss penny's page ~*~

miss penny is my beloved scrunkly. we adopted her in july 2020. her name at the shelter was penny but shes so polite that we added 'miss' to her name. she was 5 when we adopted her!

she likes worms on a string, fuzzy mice, looking outside, and cuddling in the crook of ur arm. she hates loud noises (but does not hiss) and the sparkly wand toy.

she is very very polite. she only yells when she is hungry. she loves to run to the kitchen when i get up to get food/water/etc. after her meals she flops over in the living room for her after-meal pets :-)

she has recurring eye issues, so sometimes we need to put antibiotic ointment in them. she does not like it!

shes very tolerant of dogs and being picked up (but may complain about it).