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old layouts

as with any site, this site has gone through some changes, and will continue to do so! so i figure i'd put up images of my old setups. you can fullview images by clicking them.

v1.0 - launch

the first layout, premiered feb 22, 2022! two-column navi with content sandwiched in the middle. had some decent mobile support in the very end, but at first was a bit rough. i learned a lot about automating navigation/injecting head tags etc. so i could edit links on every page simultaneously.

i had statuscafe embedded, but it had issues every time the site went down, so ultimately it stopped making its appearance after this version. i also had an iframe with a guestbook that felt a bit obtrusive to me, so i changed providers after updating my site layout to v2.

the styles available in this version were retro, seagull, hot topic, and scrapbook.

v2.0 - fresh paint

launched on august 2, 2022. this is the current site layout! i combined navigation bars to just have the one, and ported over the old themes. i also made them easier to edit on the backend (i forgot :root was a thing....) and essentially just restructured things.

this layout introduced a new guestbook/chatbox and a new theme (joppa). statuscafe was ditched (but may make a comeback if the error handling on that site doesn't cause sites to esplode). lots of pages were consolidated and moved around. the page of d00m has been archived until i can find a better replacement.

some themes were edited for easier editing and readability. additionally, backgrounds were changed to small, tileable images to alleviate load time.

v2.1 - return of the tri-columns

the default theme was changed to 'night music'. that theme as well as 'lavender' were both added just before this version was created! 'retro' theme still accessible, just not the default look now. a new splash image was added.