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about us


deep in the heart of the internet, there exists a little hideout filled with the whimsy of the late 2000s.... swifty's hq!

inspired by a variety of pokemon fansites, this site's focus is being a playground --- that is to say, quizzes, reviews, and art sometimes.

this site was started on february 22, 2022. since then, the site has changed significantly! the code on this site is proudly hosted on neocities and static-generated using 11ty and ninjucks.

about the author


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this site's webmaster goes by 'forest' in most personal spaces, neocities included. older aliases include "swifttail27" (former deviantart) and "altias" (nickname from 2011ish to 2017).

in the time between 2010 and 2016, he was primarily active in warrior cats communities (roleplay included), deviantart rpgs, and a variety of short-lasting forums. he currently spends his time drawing and 3d modeling.

forest's pronouns are they/he/it, they are a nonbinary lesbian, and they are in their 20's. they are also therian.

forest's most prominent interests include furries, 3d artwork, environment design, cat genetics, wizards, tarot, niche animal games, and his girlfriend :P

for all contact information, just check the right sidebar.

in middle school my bff was the hgss pokewalkeri think ive always been some kind of creaturetherian pridetherian pride

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website layout: mine

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quiz scripts: dragonflycave

misc. graphics: pexels.com (various), sadgrl.online