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furrymuck name script

Name Highlights

This code comes from my friend Willo. This script highlights your name - or the name of whoever is talking - so you don't miss any messages in the chat. Note that it can be a little overzealous or inconsistent...

Also, this is meant for Mudlet, but might work with other chat clients.

In Scripts, add:

function string.tobyte(str) return (str:gsub('.', function (c) return string.byte(c) end)) end function string.tocolor(str) math.randomseed(string.cut(string.tobyte(str), 18)) local r = math.random(0,255) local g = math.random(0,255) local b = math.random(0,255) math.randomseed(os.time()) return {r,g,b} end function colorMungeEcho(strForColor, strToEcho) local color = "<" .. table.concat(string.tocolor(strForColor), ",") .. ">" decho(color .. strToEcho .. "\n") end

In triggers, add:

New Chat MSG:

Perl Regex: ^(\S+) (.+)(,|:|\.) "(.*)"(.*)$

On-trigger code:

selectString(matches[1], 1) bg("light_gray") fg("black") selectString(matches[2], 1) local colors = string.tocolor(matches[2]) setBgColor(colors[1], colors[2], colors[3]) if colors[1] + colors[2] + colors[3] > 380 then setFgColor(0,0,0) end resetFormat()