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furrymuck controls



the first time you join, you will probably not have an account. so you will want to type 'connect guest guest' to join as a guest.

you will initially find yourself behind the bandstand, which is a spawn area right before the central hub. you can type 'out' to go to the park, or you can type 'quit' to leave, and if you get lost out there, you can always type 'goband' to return here...

movement in furryMUCK is extremely similar to your standard text adventure: you can type look [object] to look at things (or people), you can use n/s/e/w/up/down/etc to move to different places.


say message text = Forest says, "message text"

: dances around or pose dances around = Forest dances around

mumble message makes you mumble something that may be garbled to people who are farther away..

p playername = message allows you to 'page' another user from other rooms. page #mail playername = message here will leave a message for later. you can add multiple playernames between 'p' and '=' for group pages.

mjoin/msummon playername summons someone to you, or you to them - type meet #help to find out more.

roleplaying commands

'eat' lets you eat something, 'hug' hugs someone ('hug playername'), 'lookat' shows what someone's holding.

general use

to list other users in a room, you can use 'who', '3who' (formatted in three columns), 'pinfo' (personal info), 'whodo' and 'whospe'(local only) (list who's doing things or what species users are), and you can check where someone is with 'whereare' or 'whereis'.

after you get a home, you can use 'gohome' to go there... :D or you can use the taxi with 'taxi' to go somewhere specific!

to set your 'says' value (ie. "You meow, "[message]"" and "[User] meows, [message]), use the following:

@set say = _say:You meow, "%m"

@set say = _osay:meows, "%m"

'%m' is a standin for your message.

if you get stumped, you can also just type 'help' and you can look through the database for information.

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