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rgb to gamma converter

winamp likes to use gammagroups to define colors. this is because it's old and stupid. unfortunately it's kind of hard for me to find a good easy-to-access calculator for this.

paste the values in the format of n,n,n in either side of the converter, then click the arrow pointing to what you're converting to.

RGB Value

Gamma Value

how it works

values go from one column and go through the appropriate calculation to get the answer that gets put on the other side.

for calculating a gamma value, the formula is:

(intRGB - 128) * 32

where intRGB is one of the three RGB values. similarly, for calculating it back, the formula is:

(intGAM / 32) + 128

where intGAM is one of the gamma values.

after it does this conversion it then strings together the values with commas and puts them in the string output box; this is awesome for quick copy-and-pasting.

further information about gamma values and how winamp handles them can be found here.