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a glasses-wearing blue and white furry with a brown satchel and green shirt traverses a grassy hillside, where the grass reaches past their hips. there are lots of daffodils and poppies scattered about. there are accentuating lines implying wind flowing in the top left and bottom right. there is a narrow white border around the piece.



another vacation piece..... did you know krita has super cool texturing brushes? i fucking love em. so fun.

the scenery here is meant to resemble the hill-garden my grandma (dad's side) maintains, downhill from her house. there's a nice river at the bottom. but by god if that isnt a 40 degree slope. LMFAO. it always makes me so sore!

the poppies and daffodils are meant to be both 'this is a californian memory' and 'this is my favorite flower' sort of choice. oh, and i first posted this on my birthday!