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remember how we used to run (forest fires)

a yellow californian field. a ghostly outline of a fox is being chased by two ghostly hares in the foreground. there are telephone lines and fencing, and trees in the background, from which a pillar of smoke is rising and drifting into the blue.

remember how we used to run (forest fires)


i stopped touching krita for a bit - my energy hit an all time low and i was struggling to do much at all.

i finally got around to doodling this as a wind-down before i slept. it started with just the blue brush stroke, but it captured the essence of the california sky so well that i felt like i wanted to expand on it.

the fox and rabbits are a reference to something in my childhood... there's a highway my family would always use to go out places (we live/d in a very rural town so everything is/was very far away from us).

in a field on the way, there used to be some iron standees of a fox and some rabbits. for the longest time, the rabbits were chased by the fox, but in its twilight years (before the property was sold to someone else) the roles were reversed, with the fox being chased by the rabbits.

y'know, i still look for them, even though i know they won't be back. but i miss them like old friends