Fanghorn ii
Format Rollerball (came in spray though)
Notes silver fir, moss, lichen, pine needles, wet soil, and damp vegetation.
Artist pineward
Year Fall 2022
Vibe Old, rustic, woodsy, smoky
Strength ****
Duration ~8hr
General use Camping :-) Or date nights.
Overall enjoyment *****

such a good woodsy smell! immediately struck by the pine resin smell. it's very much musky, but slightly green. as it ages, it becomes campfire-esque (very smoky and summery) and fades into an 'old closet' smell.

somehow i think i prefer the other sample i got, katabatic. over this one, as it's similar but has a sweeter take (whilst this one has no rootbeer tones). this is just a preference thing though and if you don't like sweeter smells you'll like this one better!

it's very hard to find woodsy smells but i think this one is an extremely valid contender!

also it lasts like super fucking long which isnt necessarily BAD but just know you will smell of it for a while.