this is a page i wanted to dedicate to a site from my formative years. i will relate what i can remember, and show images of it that i obtained from other former members.

what was fuzz academy?

so, myspace was very popular circa 2007-2008. marie lu, who had not yet started her writing career (and i think was still in college at the time), launched the site, fuzz academy (, now defunct), which served as a sort of 'myspace-meets-neopets' sort of concept.

it was basically a niche social media for teens, generally. the site's concept was 'a college, but for animals'. marie lu's artwork from the time still feels very fuzzy and cute.

you would start by picking your 'mascot', or 'pet', ambiguous which it was. there were a number of free species and a few you could only get with premium.

the mascot lineup

a smaller mascot lineup

premium pets.

the site had a few others not pictured. gummy bears were meant to be a sort of early 'semi-open' species, special to the website.

you could later dress up this pet with accessories and give them a pet of their own (reminiscent of the fuzzies from club penguin - not that i played it very much at all). some accessories and pets could be purchased with in-game currency that you earned from the minigames.

the dressup minigame, now archived on marie's dA.

(click the image to go to the page the flash file is hosted on.)

and of course, after selecting your pet, you would be able to pick your 'house', like a fraternity. there were four of them: optimus, sun themed; pacifica, moon themed; rogue, clover themed; tempesto, storm themed.

they didn't do much aside from tallying up some contest results where houses were pitted against one enouther. 'rogue' was often misspelled as 'rouge', much to the ire of the kids who were more sensitive to spelling issues. (it was my house, coincidentally - perhaps the reason i remembered the spelling!)

the four house crests.

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