7th/8c, era 9

hellooooo peffa! i know you wanted me to write back to you, so now that i'm settled in at the cottage, here's my little letter to you.

is grandgen well? i'm sure they're still aching about the cold up there. it's much warmer here. lots of greenery and plant life - oh, you'd love it! but for now, i'll just have to seal within this letter a small dried plant. it's called sweetleaf - it's really nice in cooking, but just this amount isn't enough for a meal.

i'll tell you, the ride here was really rough. the mountainous terrain between here and there was a bit hard on the beasts that drove me here. do you remember when we'd go down to the midcycle festivities, just midway up the mountain? imagine that, but four times as hard! i didn't sleep very well for any of the days i was in the back seat.

but i almost want to say it's worth it, you know, for the view, and the smells. at home, i think the only real greenery i've seen is the little brush-type plants among the tall fieldgrasses. and i guess a variety of flowers... but here, oh! here, there are plants that make those brush-plants look like baby saplings.

i was told they were called frey, or at least, that's the local term... i could be spelling it wrong. i don't know for sure. but they're huuuuuuge! at least three times as tall as grandgen. where the brush would have spindly little twigs for arms, these frey have thick branches that go out for what seems like ages... and, oh, peffa! the way the light falls through them is so nice.

... i guess, though, it does feel a bit claustrophobic. it's like the world has been covered by soft furs, or a hand, where light peeks through the seams or fingers. it probably doesn't help, also, that the weather is humid...

ahh, anyways! i hope this letter finds you swiftly. i hear the post-service here is fairly decent at keeping track of mail.... but they do it all underground? i guess it's safer than traveling topside, but imagine what'd happen in a cave-in... i shudder at the thought!

much love,