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the cast

altias ALTIAS

foxwolf / she/they

this thing is kind of a shut in, honestly. keeps to herself and tends to be the voice of reason.

altias is forest's oldest fursona. they were made sometime in 2011, so they have some seniority over the other people here.

altias SWIFTY

cat-thing / any pronouns

weird little creature that loves wafflez and being as strange as possible to random people. chronically 13 years old (forever) (weird).

a bit older than altias, actually. she likes to bully altias a little (lightheartedly). used to be called 'swifttail', which i guess is like a full name, so don't call her that unless she's in trouble.

forest FOREST

wolf? / he/they

ok this one's just me i guess LOL. i made this whole thing (comic, website, the whole shebang). i guess i am also self-made in some way.

i dunno what to write about myself. i like minestrone i guess.

cynthia CYNTHIA

winged deer / she/her

ok this is just my girlfriend's fursona. i dunno what to put here. i think she's cute and so is her fursona

i think the antennae are a charm point. she's very quirky and funny and smart.

apollo APOLLO

umbreon / he/him

leader of team speedwell, hazel's big brother. very cool and aloof. hard to make him laugh.

i dunno i feel like he's definitely like a very adulty adult type character. he lived in a cave once

hazel HAZEL

eevee / she/her

member of team speedwell. she's a lot more nosy and curious than apollo. she likes to ask a lot of questions that maybe she shouldn't ask.

she has a little three-pronged blaze on her forehead but sometimes i draw it with two to save time / space. dont hassle me.