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movie maker

a painting of the ui layout for the old windows xp movie maker program. there are ghostly figures of dog creatures drawn over it, and are semi translucent over the things they overlap. the preview pane has a white and orange cat doing the caramelldansen on a green starry background.

movie maker


the xp coloration of this is less nostalgic for me - i never used XP, i upgraded straight from 98 to 7 and used xp's movie maker there - but it fits with its original OS. xp wmm (windows movie maker) seemed like one of the more functional movie makers windows has made over its lifespan. i hated the newer ones! most of my very old videos were made with this.

its nostalgic to look at the layout again. nowdays i use davinci resolve, and the layout generally mirrors it. same with sony vegas in the brief time i used it.