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hill from my memory

a summer field with brown, dry grass and some tree outcroppings. there is a barbed wire fence in the bottom left, in the foreground. a chibi white-and-ginger cat sits in the center of the frame, facing away from the viewer, but looking back wistfully. two rows of raked lines, one big, one small, span across the image. there is an emphasis on swooping rows of lines in this drawing.

hill from my memory


i am not sure why i didnt put this one up earlier (posting at 5.25.23, while this was made at the given date!). i guess i wasn't sure how far back in my art archives to post. but i figure it's pertinent to a later piece, and i still very much like how it came out!

.... update, it looks like actually i painted this while i was on vacation at my gf's house and..... this was one of the files i didnt manage to move over to my home PC after coming home. LOLLLLLLL well i guess that's a good thing to realize.

i think this was one of my first experiments with painting in krita in the last year or so. that texture is undeniably pretty to me. so i kept going! :D